Why I started this website

I have found my Dharma.

Dharma is that inner wisdom, which not only guides each individual, but also every other being on the planet. Purposefully connecting with your inner wisdom, and letting it lead you on your path to peace, presence and love.

My Purpose is to spread love unconditionally, show how to self-heal with self-love, help others overcome trauma through healing within the physical, mental, and spiritual self, using soul connecting ways into your daily life.

The purpose to do all of that lovely work, is that you have the power to chose how you experience life. Acknowledging that it may get worse, before it gets better, and that’s ok. Letting yourself surface emotions, thoughts, and habits, finding the comfort in the discomfort; helping us change and grow into our higher self, finding that message inside our experience, engaging in the soul, and finding a dialogue within ourself that’s of light and love.

If you have any questions, message me through facebook messenger for the fastest way of communication at m.me/Leefitlife 


Vibration, Frequency, Energy, Bufo

I am grateful for you being by my side during this journey.

We have been by each other’s sides all along.

I dreamed of you.

I manifest you.

You manifested me.

We are what we prayed for.


Bufo has been teaching me so much about myself,




How we tap into ourselves

How we tap into the earth

Into Source

Into Life

Into all


You are Everything


I used to be very disconnected with myself and yoga brought me to my tears, my feelings, my healing, myself…

And as we talk about the past we are no longer in the present, which is why I focus on everything NOW.


Bufo has been teaching me lately about vibration, energy, and frequency…how to tap into myself, the earth, Source, and all. I am a person who loves vibration, I love movement, I love moving energy, I can see energy move, I can see energy, I can feel it move, I am the Source of Everything..so I feel Everything, Everything that is Pure, Light, and Love.

Anything that is darkness is not of pureness or love, if you experience this, purify yourself with your prayers and intentions. No one else can do this for you, but you. We are guided, but you still have to do alllllllllllllll the work!


I’ve been learning a lot about music lately…I came out of Bufo one day and said “why is there music?” If everything is pure as Source has made it then why are we adding something external to our experience?


In yoga, and in meditation, we know that outside sources will affect our internal presence, in order to go more internal we need to take out the external sources. Listening to your digestive system, is still an example of an external force. And as I learn this, I have the option to unlearn and relearn. As we lay in stillness and in silence in Savasana we have surrendered to our pure self. There is no need to do anything other than to feel the amazing presence of Source and You, because you are ONE.


Music can amplify or take away from the experience of bufo, of all experience in life. Some people have connections with certain songs that give them memories. The only songs that I will continue to play, in bufo, in yoga, and meditation, and all forms of my life will be continuing with medicine music, music that has been used for thousands of years that are here to help heal your spirit and your soul, to help you remember who you are.


Bufo has shown me even more about vibration of music, that it can help you move through the astral. There’s a perfect blend of fading in and fading out of music, and the best music, is Nature, is the Earth, is what is Divine in your space. The sound of birds, the wind, the fire crackling, sounds of ants moving in the leaves, the blend of sound healing with music to help you on your journey, is a big lesson I have been learning. I am here to listen, To the strongest medicine of this world, to the most ancient knowledge, and listening to Spirit, and myself! You are the medicine. Tap into you. You’ll find your gifts that your Soul wants to share with the world.


Meaning #1: I am He

Soham is a Sanskrit word  formed by two words: Sah (he) and Aham(I)

Who am I?
Real self is nothing but individual self.
Who is He then?

That He is none other than the greatest force that controls everything, that is Brahman or Universal Self.

Soham means my Individual Self is Universal Self.
According to Vedic Scriptures…

We are God. Our real Self(real “I”) is nothing but God. We cannot understand this eternal truth due to ignorance. Our Supreme Spiritual Masters help us by removing the ignorance to realize our true Individual Self that is not different from God.

Meaning #2: Breathing
Soham is breathing process. So, it is the basis of our life. Our inhalation makes the sound “Soooo” and exhalation is “ham”. Or vice Versa.
Just like Shiva and Shakti. Every breath reminds us the non-dual principle of Vedas, we are not different from God.

Soham mantra is close to Hamsa, which means White Swan Individual Self.

Non-dual awareness of “I am the Universal Self ” is intricately connected with our breathing.

Focus on your Breath! We can then connect with our Universal Self.

Meaning #3: Ajapa Japa Chanting
You can transcend to Samadhi state.
It is our breath, prawns, LIFE!

Meaning #4: Shiva and Shakti (Tantric Perspective)

Sah (He) and Aham(I).
He is Shiva.
Aham is the collective power of letters A to Ha in Sanskrit alphabet, i.e. Parvati.
They sustain our lives.
Our parents.
Our ancestors.
Our protectors.

Sah is Shiva. 
Aham is Shiva’s “I” awareness which (Vimarsha)
Soham means Shiva and his power Parvati (Shakti).

Meaning #5: Yoga, Merging with the Universal Self

Sah  is He(Universal Self a.k.a God) and Aham is I. We are not separate from God. We merge with God and the understanding of this through many different ways like yoga, meditation, mantras, affirmations, traditional practices.

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It matters who you learn from

I choose to Trust those with many years of experience,
Learning from those with Tradition and with the Masters of this World.
✨It matters who you take Medicine from.
✨It matters what Tradition you’re learning from to keep the Medicine Safe and Sacred.
✨We don’t know everything, we are a vessel for Spirit always learning.
✨I choose to learn from the Guardians of the Medicine with Knowledge dating back 6,000 years and more.
✨I vow to keep the Medicine Sacred, Safe, and making sure I am always listening to Spirit.
✨Thank you Plants, as you are the Wisdom Keepers of this Infinite Life.
✨Thank you to the Special Human Spirits in my Life who are guiding me to uphold Heritage, Tradition, Values, and Morals.
✨I am blessed with this Life to Honor this Medicine Path, to Honor you as your Spirit Awakens to Freedom, to Awaken those who are Asleep when ready to embark on this Journey.
✨It matters how your Medicine is Cultivated to make sure that the Spirit is still in the Medicine.
✨Be aware of those who call themselves Shamans, who have never taken the Medicine.
✨Listen to your instincts around others, that is your ancestral link telling you Why!
✨Be aware of those who use Spirituality for their own sexual or financial means.
✨See if those who you’re taking Medicine from give back to the Community where their medicine is from, and give back to Pachamama.
✨Joy and Happiness needs to be cultivated as your Medicine is Ethically sourced.
✨Prayers need to be said and musically versed as the medicine cultivated, sourced, and when being taken.
✨I honor all.
✨I value all.
✨I am all.
✨Wakatanka Wakatanka Wakatanka

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Heal yourself, Heal the World

We can only raise the vibration of the rest of the planet when we first raise the vibration within ourselves. ✨⁠

Step into your potent & divine power Goddess. 🌞⁠

Your journey to healing begins now. 💓⁠

Art by @earthartlab

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Save the Amazon!


As mulheres guerreiras da ANCESTRALIDADE, da rede ANMIGA, se juntam a todas as pessoas que lutam em defesa da Amazônia com o corpo território e com o corpo que cura.
Convidamos todes para dizer um BASTA ao desmatamento, pois esta ação violenta os nossos corpos ” Territórios” e ” Memórias” da nossas ancestrais


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The Amazon is Us!
We would not be able to live on this planet without the Amazon.
Not only physically but also spiritually.
Our indigenous ancestors hold the wisdom of Creator.
Settlers came here and created what is happening now!
Genocide is happening.
Right now!
It never ended.
The silence is Over!
I Pray for Peace,
I Pray for Love,
I Pray to the Forest,
I Pray to all Life,
I Pray to all Beings,
I Pray for letting go of Systems that help you to forget WHO YOU ARE!!!
I Pray for all cultures!
I Pray for Remembrance.
I will keep spreading awareness, keep spreading love, wake up America! This is not your land! This is not your system! You have been lied to. You have been stripped of your memories! I PRAY YOU REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND YOUR CONNECTION TO SPIRIT AND TO MOTHER EARTH. She is all.

For all.
If you want to do something about it…reach out to me.





There are things that our human mind can never comprehend.
It is too conditioned and too programmed.
However we have another way of understanding life, that is trough our hearts, that is connected to the essence of life and the divine consciousness.

Our hearts feel, our hearts can comprehened things that our eyes cannot even see. Because when you close your eyes you can feel even stronger and that feeling is there even if you can’t touch it.

So magic is something that you cannot really visualize, see or touch. But it still exists, and once you believe in something you have never experienced, you open a door to something extraordinary and magical.

Once you start believing in magic, your heart will become your eyes and your perception of reality will never be the same.

Text by @true_goddess_warrior
Art by @doriana7dream

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We’re Engaged!

A love like this is what I prayed for. 💕🐸♾✨🙏😘🌊
Thank you to everyone who was here to make this happen.
Thank you Ome
Thank you Leslie and Family
Thank you Rudy and Andrea
Thank you Brooke and Charlie
Thank you Universe
Thank you Allllllll
We’re engaged! I love you Rob.
I prayed for this love.
I prayed for you.
I prayed for this path.
I’m so glad I believed in my dreams, trusted the Universe, and allowed everything to be as Perfect as it is Now in this Moment. Blessings blessings blessings. A weekend I will never forget.
The rain came to me.
The Universe heard my call.
I will follow Spirit with complete Trust.
Mother Earth knows what she’s doing.
The Elements are Divine and know how to keep Balance.
We are in Balance.
I love you with my infinite Soul.

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I am the Water Bearer

Thank you to Pachamama
I am the RAIN
I am the WATER!
I talk and pray to my waters and the waters around me and within me listen to my prayers.
When the Universe responds back to you, and you see, witness, and be a part of the missing puzzle piece to make all life complete it’s infinite nature…it’s a sight and feeling unlike all I have ever felt before…
The synchronicities that led me through this weekend will never go unnoticed. This was just the beginning.
One of my most profound Bufo experiences was when it rained for me, a couple months ago…everything in life had clicked…I understood the meaning of Life. The Celebration.
The Connection.
The Prayers.
The Deeper you Immerse yourself into the Earth, you become ONE with the earth and all living beings.
The second time it Rained for me in Bufo, I felt the power of my light take all darkness away and cleansed the land and the people, all living beings and creatures, all of life…I felt the Joy of the Unknown to tap into my Power and the Power of the Universe, Pachamama, Father, Spirit, The Mystery, Great Spirit, Everything…there are no words to describe the connection with Water.
I am Mama Cocha
All elements
All life
I cleanse all darkness in the name of Light and Love.

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You are Everything

Dance on the earth,
With the earth,
With her,
Roll in the sand,
Play in the water,
Pray to all the elements.

Spit to the Earth
Give your energy to her
She sustains you
Your roots
Your ancestors
Your connections
Your foundations
You are the earth
She fuels you
Walk softly on the earth.
Roll in the sand!
She has the biggest star and light force within her.
For the earth is you and within you.

Drink and pray to your Water,
Everything is with intention.
Pray for what you want, not what you don’t want.
Move as fluid, gentle, and as strong as the waters are.
Be water.
Adapt. Change. Grow.
Be like bamboo
How they grow in the water,
How they’re strong and flexible.
How they can carry water fluidly.
For the water is you and within you.

Dance with the Fire.
Make a fire.
Build from the earth to the sky.
The gateway.
The portal.
The pathway.
He takes away all shackles of fears.
The pathway and connection to your ancestors and to Source
Cultivate. Sustain. Love. And Care for the Fire.
Your Energy
Your life force
Your Power
Your strength
Your confidence
For the Fire is you and within you.

Dance with the wind.
Your breathe is your Prana
Is your Life.
This comes from the Trees
The Amazon.
The Earth fuels you.
What have you done for her?
Can you feel her soft kisses in the wind?
Can you feel the energy of You surrounding?
Can you hear the cicadas, birds, crickets, All the Winged, Furred, and Creepy Crawlers.
They’re in a vibration that connects with the earth.
Can you TUNE IN!
Draw awareness within
For you are the whispers in the wind and the wind is within you!

You are Everything
You are
I am

Thank you Pachamama for healing and teaching me.
Gracias Los Dios
Gracias Abuela
Gracias Abuelo
Gracias Los Ninos
Hare Krishna
Bufo Bufo Bufo 🐸😘✨♾🌈

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Honestly, I only fully understood this after my orgasm! After many, the intensity and ecstasy of reaching to a surrending state of divine pleasure, tapping into someone’s soul so deep that they’re constantly a fountain of fluids, happy, crying, all the feelings at once, I saw the BEAUTY IN ALL MOMENTS…
I say “Hare Krishna” in moments when I need to meditate and calm down to help me draw to the divine present moment…
In this moment, I recognized the beauty in the painful moments of life and the most joyful moments, as they had merged into ONE as I said Ase! I saw it was ALL DIVINE.
Ase comes from the existence in Yoruba, Nigeria.
To conceive the Power
To make things Happen.
To produce Change.
Given by Olodumare to everything — gods, ancestors, spirits, humans, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, and voiced words such as songs, prayers, praises, curses, or even everyday conversation.
Learning how to use this Life Force of Energy, to effect change is
To invoke the Divine!
Recognize the Unique in All.
The Beauty in how society has structured and the relationship between all worlds, as we heal bringing the
Divine into Action,
Into Existence,
Into the Here and Now.
The most beautiful moment of creation is HERE AND NOW.

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