Why I started this website

I have found my Dharma.

Dharma is that inner wisdom, which not only guides each individual, but also every other being on the planet. Purposefully connecting with your inner wisdom, and letting it lead you on your path to peace, presence and love.

My Purpose is to spread love unconditionally, show how to self-heal with self-love, help others overcome trauma through healing within the physical, mental, and spiritual self, using soul connecting ways into your daily life.

The purpose to do all of that lovely work, is that you have the power to chose how you experience life. Acknowledging that it may get worse, before it gets better, and that’s ok. Letting yourself surface emotions, thoughts, and habits, finding the comfort in the discomfort; helping us change and grow into our higher self, finding that message inside our experience, engaging in the soul, and finding a dialogue within ourself that’s of light and love.

If you have any questions, message me through facebook messenger for the fastest way of communication atĀ m.me/LeefitlifeĀ 


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