Playground workout with a 1 year old!

Haven’t done a #playgroundworkout in a while. Here you go loves! Have a beautiful day! Get your body moving! We are made of constant energy, always moving, exert that energy physically. Healthy mind, healthy body. Self love is a beautiful thing, involving the love of your children and spreading that love ❤️ Workout:

1. Squats x10

2. Sumo squats x10

3. Lunges each side x10

4. Squat pulses x10

5. 1 leg step ups each side x10

6. High push ups x10

7. Low push ups x10

8. Crunch an pulses x10

9. Slight ab leg lifts x10

Repeat 2-3x or until you can’t anymore! Have fun!

#selflove #playgroundworkouts #pushups #squats #abs #booty #babyworkouts #mommyandbaby #fitlife #leefitlife

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