Sexual Health

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Part of #day4 of the #dare2barechallenge was to post your most influential social media person…and it’s @the_yoni_empire ❤️

I am inspired by her braveness. I am inspired by her message. I believe in the same message. We need to stop shaming sex, stop shaming orgasms, and stop shaming periods, condoms, the health of condoms and tampons, the sexual health that we all need. I see a lot of shaming going on and why a lot of woman and men can’t climax. I didn’t realize my full potential, until I learned to let go of all that shame that I grew up with. Growing up with shame from my religious parents, who told me I was going to hell if I had sex before marriage, that all the kinky things was a sin, and I was never taught anything about becoming a woman. I was handed a book about my period and that was it. If you don’t educate your children about their sexual health, they will find ways to find out. Most of the time when CHILDREN want to find answers about their sexual health, it doesn’t seem to happen in the most healthy or safe ways. So please take time to educate yourself, encourage self play, learn how to let go of your shame so you don’t pass it onto your children. Answer every question they have honestly and don’t hide the truth. They will find the truth without you. To see my full story, check my blog out.

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This is my original version….

#day4 part of the #restday was to tag your favorite social media influencer @the_yoni_empire I’ll tell you why. SUPER VULNERABLE POST! ❤️

When I was a little girl coming into maturity, my mother just handed me a book about women starting their period. She didn’t discuss it with me at all. Also, my mother is extremely religious, which being religious has nothing to do with the cause, but in her case it did. I was told all growing up that I would go to hell and that I’m a sinner for touching my own body and anyone else who did before marriage. If anyone knows me from growing up…they know I did not follow those rules at all. I realized later in life going through childhood education that I started looking for love in all the wrong places of men because I was not getting the love and attention I needed at home. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how many nannies you can have to take care of your children, or how many camps or programs they’re involved in, if you as a parent are not there to talk to your child about their sexuality and how your body is, they will look and search for a way to find out.

When I first got my period, I was on a airplane and I wondered why I was so wet, I went to the bathroom and I found out I just started my period. I also later found out that that’s pretty common with the air pressure, if that hasn’t happened before to you. So my trip was to go see my 2 female older cousins and they and my aunt taught me EVERYTHING! I am forever grateful for them all. Not only did I not know how my body worked I was shamed myself for having my period and not knowing anything about my body, also sexually I shamed myself, I didn’t know if I should touch myself. Growing up I started to play with myself and realizing my own body. I’m not ashamed to share any of this because the world needs to be more aware of their bodies sexually, we would have a lot less problems if we were all more aware. When you can sexually satisfy yourself you don’t need to find other people to help you, you don’t need to put yourself in terrible dangerous situations to get that sexual pleasure. I will teach my daughter the same thing as she’s growing up.

When we’re babies, a lot of parents say don’t touch yourself down there in the bathtub. I say “please explore yourself”

Having no sexual health discussions brought me to find out on my own in unhealthy ways and put myself in dangerous situations that I would never want my own daughter to be in. Being educated is the first step. Please educate yourself and your children.

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