Day 14 Dare2BareChallenge

#day14 the final day of #dare2barechallenge

#dare2bare it all in that bikini of your dreams. Showing myself some self love and appreciation for all the hard work I’ve been through with 3 kiddos ❤️ Remember that a smile and a yoga pose is all that you see here in the light of outside. What you don’t see is what thoughts are going on inside my head or what’s going on in my life. Just because a smile is on someone’s face, remember you don’t know what they’re going through. Remember to be kind to others, respect their decisions, and give yourself self love, so that you can love others, showing others how to love you. #selflovealways #butiyoga @butiyoga

Mermaid shorts from @yogaskinz sold at @newageofyoga and

Top from @target

#target #yogapose #yogaskinz #bikini #summer2019 #yoga #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge

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