Pride and Love

❤️Happy pride month! June is almost over, it doesn’t mean that the love has to stop.

🧡Lukas asked me the other day, “Why do people fight so much, why are there wars?” I said “Baby, there isn’t enough love in this world.” Then we cried together.

💛He said “You’re right mom, we need to love more.”

💚This month has been a really tough one emotionally. The only way we can give ourselves to love another person, is to make sure we love ourself first.

💙It’s really easy to say, “I love myself” try saying it in the mirror and look at yourself and say it 20x.

💜Notice that you can only receive as much love to yourself, if you give that love to yourself first. The other person will notice your worth, and how much to love you, in what way to love you.

💗We are all the same, no matter what gender we identify with, we all have the same feelings, we’re all capable to feel true love, to give true love, and to have a true understanding of ourself to understand our partner.

❤️Give someone a long hug today, they need it. Express your emotions to the person you love. Be honest with yourself to extend the honesty back to you. #loveislove #pride #pridemonth #selflove #communitylove #alwayslove #lovewins

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