Chakra Healing

And just like that, today we’re definitely doing #chakrahealing #chakrachanting #meditating and #breathingtechniques to end our #chakraflow tonight! 8pm @crystalyogastudio $5 tonight only.❤️ Come experience this healing through your own body. Whatever you learn tonight, take home to start your own self practice. This month of July has been insane on all levels. If anyone else feels the same and is so ready for August to come around the corner! Hands up! 🙌 See you tonight. Also teaching the #kidsyoga at 6:30pm ❤️#selfhealing #healingthroughlove #useyourbreath #letgo #release #chakrahealing Music: #Spiritual Power Control – 7 Chakras Mandala #lomotif created with @lomotif #timelapse

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