Awareness For Raye


#repost @yoga.goddess420
On August 25th, we lost a beautiful human in Houston. Everyone who has spoken of @rayehasen__ speaks so highly of her positive spirit and influential lifestyle that encouraged others to be great. Raye was involved in accident with a drunk driver, however, her soul’s mission carries on through all of us. Some leaders in the yoga community want to create mindfulness surrounding drinking and driving in her honor with a yoga challenge.

Here’s how to play:
1. Follow all hosts and sponsors
2. Repost this flyer/caption to spread the challenge
3. Each day, follow the posting requirements using #awarenessforRaye •Day 1 Hosted by @yogawithdavina
Pose: dancing shiva
Caption: share a statistic about drunk driving
•Day 2 Hosted by @awkwardgirlyoga
Pose: lord of the dance
Caption: share alternative ways to get home if you’re out drinking
•Day 3 Hosted by @yogijazporter
Pose: wheel
Caption: share why people should consider others when making the choice to drink and drive
•Day 4 Hosted by @yoga.goddess420
Pose: yogi squat
Caption: share ways to overcome peer pressure to drink •Day 5 Hosted by @afroyoga
Pose: Crow
Caption: share your new personal commitment to be mindful when drinking or to not drinking.



We’ll select 6 winners who have followed ALL the rules to be gifted by the sponsors!
To @thekynb and the family, we are with you, and we support you. Sending you love as we celebrate @rayehasen__ ‘s life!

 — in Sugar Land, Texas.

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