This is how #butterfly serves me now. When I first started practicing yoga, I could barely put my feet together in butterfly, my knees were very high lifted, and I could barely fold forward. It’s enlightening, empowering, and comforting being in your own skin knowing that practice is always progress no matter where you are at. Sometimes you will have an injury to heal from, sometimes you may get laid off work, you may go through a divorce, sometimes you may go through a mourning stage, troubled children, business issues, whatever you are going through in your life, let your yoga practice be your outlet. Your self practice is an outlet of emotions that arise up inside you, and sometimes we don’t even know the emotions that are deep inside of us. Moving through your body as slow, or as fast as you want, you will release something out that is no longer needed. Let your practice guide you today and every day, release the shit that is inside you that is holding you back, to leave new space open for everything that is going to uplift you higher and higher. #moveyourqi #chi #qi #meridianlines #surrender #PoseOfTheDay #ButterflyPose #Yoga #SelfPractice #PracticeAndAllIsComing #PracticesProgress #LetYourEmotionsOut #MovementMeditation #Meditation #111CrystalYogaStudioYTT #CrystalYogaStudio #YTT #YogaTeacherTraining #YogaTeacher

 — in Sugar Land, Texas.

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