Don’t Hate Meditate



I’m very excited to lead this workshop with Kelly @kellymusic_art_body ! We will have a lovely meditation to start our practice, then we will go into adjustments and alignments for your specific body type. Everybody’s body is different, and feeling the poses are different for everyone. If you like the good & juicy adjustments in surrender, you will love this workshop, and also knowing how to gently be adjusted into a pose. If you want to see how your body feels in the standing postures for alignment, especially come to this workshop! If you are in need of self love and appreciation for your body, your heart, and your mind we will see you there! @lifepower_yoga_baybrook 9:30-11:30am Saturday, August 31st. $25. Sign up starts on Monday, August 26th! Bring your friend!!
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 — at Life Time Athletic – Baybrook.

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