Meditation, Alignment/Adjustments


Had a lovely experience guiding these lovely souls through a meditation. Sometimes we are afraid to be silent and still in our own comfortable skin, find always the comfortability in the uncomfortable. Find yourself to be vulnerable and open to your own feelings. Have a beautiful weekend. Remember that you are always powerful, and always strong by yourself, make yourself whole first to help heal others.
Thank you @kellymusic_art_body for every opportunity to share your space with me and learn from you! Great assisting and adjusting this morning. Awesome energy today!
I love so much the community of Baybrook Yoga they are so welcoming. I have loved and learned so much from my own practice, growing with you all since we opened last year; making great friendships thank you! @jhollowayyyy @evolvingedibles and Tami and some others who I don’t their tags! Tag your friends 💕You are all appreciated and loved. Thank you for coming today!
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