Shake Your Asana


3 yoga challenges at 1 time, I must be crazy. I already do about 3 hours a practice a day, so it’s ok ✌️☮️😂💕
#repost @butiyoga
⚡️S H A K E Y O U R A S A N A⚡️

Attention, Butisattvas! It’s time for the annual Shake Your Asana Challenge!⁠

#ShakeYourAsana starts tomorrow, September 2, and the hosts and prizes for this year are 🔥! The rules are simple. Each day for 7 days, the challenge is to combine the assigned asanas with a #butiyoga twist into a dynamic flow set to music. Your video can be in real-time or time-lapse, and you must complete all 7 days to be eligible to win one of these kickass prizes!⁠

🥇1st Place: winner’s choice of either a Buti Yoga 200HR or 300HR YTT⁠

🥈2nd Place: winner’s choice of a Buti, HotCore, Deep, Sculpt/Bands, or Primal Flow certification⁠

🥉3rd Place: 1 outfit by @movenkd / 1 canister of Bliss Protein by @goldenrationutrition / and 1 GR blender bottle!⁠

Make sure to REPOST this image prior to beginning the challenge and to follow + tag our sponsors + hosts each day for a chance to be featured on the Buti Yoga IG:⁠
SPONSORS- @butiyoga @movenkd @goldenrationutrition⁠

HOSTS- @nanimoves @swhite.movement @aconsciousapproach @the.miss.kris @danni.coyote @fit.movement @freespirit_tiffany⁠

DAY 1: Vasisthasana + Malasana + Alanasana + Cardio Dance w/ @nanimoves⁠

DAY 2: Adho Mukha Svanasana + Natarajasana + Arm Balance (yogi’s choice) + Static Shake w/ @swhite.movement⁠

Day 3: Vrksasana + Trikonasana + Ardha Chandrasana + Relevé w/ @the.miss.kris⁠

Day 4: Anjaneyasana + Virabhadrasana III + Bird of Paradise + Hip Spirals w/ @freespirit_tiffany⁠

Day 5: Ustrasana + Toe Stand + Inversion (yogi’s choice) + Chakra Awakening Sequence w/ @danni.coyote⁠

Day 6: Utkata Konasana + Virabhadrasana II + Garudasana + Tombes w/ @fit.movement⁠

Day 7: Virabhadrasana I + Utkatasana + Chaturanga Waves + Drumming w/ @aconsciousapproach⁠

Let’s GET IT, Buti Tribe! ⁠
#buti #butitribe #butibliss #primalaf #sweatwithintention

 — in Sugar Land, Texas.

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