Cacao Ceremony

Words can not describe some feelings. Connection, community, love, and energy is everything.
This cacao ceremony led by @_karinaferro_ and @dollymahbaby was amazing!❤️
What is it that you want to offer as an intention into this new season of autumn? 🍂
What is it that you want to let go of?
After I had a chance to listen why everyone else was there that night, my answer in my heart always stayed the same.
I’m here on this earth to keep an open heart and mind. To be accepting and loving towards others. Help me be the most honest with myself, so others see the truth. The truth spreads and honesty will be a foundation.
I feel I’m here to help others. To be a rock and a foundation, not only for myself, but for my family and loved ones, and community. To be kind and generous and humble.
I can’t describe the feeling of connection, of energy exchange, of community. It’s an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love and vulnerability. Allowing oneself to be, allows others to be, allowing a chain reaction of acceptance and love into everyone. Everything you do, does make a difference. Make your intentions out of love and not out of fear.
Thank you @dollymahbaby and @_karinaferro_ for sharing your hearts with us. Beautiful way to bring in the next season. @genyogatx
💕Loved seeing you all @yogawithcindy @_yogi_g @shanti_lifestyle_ @ Gen Yoga

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