Chakra Chanting

Through the good times and the rough times. Ayudame, please help me God again to be of greater value to you and to others in my community. How can I help others heal? How do I heal? Being grateful for the opportunities that are presented to us. We will always come together for community, connection, love, and energy. I love you all besties! Thank you for sharing your awesome and beautiful energy with me and everyone else. Blessings, love, and light to you all. I am so blessed to know you all. Chakra chanting is my favorite, it’s amazing when a group can do it together. The vibrations shake out stale energy inside you, helping you clear your chakras for a more balanced body, heart, and mind. I’m happy to have known you all, who are open minded and have an open heart. @_yogi_g @yogawithcindy @dollymahbaby @_karinaferro_
If you want to learn more, DM me.
Music: #Workout Music – Hip Hop Yoga: Ayudame
#lomotif created with @lomotif @genyogatx #yoga #friendship #Community #Connection #Energy #Growth #BestFriends #Forever #YogaHeals #SelfLove

Click the link for the video!

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