Strong half way lifts here! The most beautiful night ever! Thank you @kellymusic_art_body @adrifit.htx and everyone else who helped pull off the lovely SOL RISING! This sunset was the most beautiful I have ever seen! It came out for us!
There is a light inside all of us. We all have the ability to share light, be a light, or help fire up those lights! Make sure that you’re a light in this world. Your light is transferable. Share your light with others, spreading joy, love, and happiness with everyone you meet, touch, and exchange with. Feel the circle of this connection with all of us to encourage love and light to spread in joy.
What I love about SOL is that it encourages you to feel. Feel so much more than you think you’re feeling. Feel the heat rise in the body, be able to process in the poses, and be able to give yourself time to feel how your body and heart feels in the practice. Can’t wait to teach y’all, I teach Wednesday mornings SOL at 9:30am @kellymusic_art_body teaches Thursday’s at 5pm! Find SOL! There will be more added soon. ❤️🌈🙏
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