Morning Sadhana

Morning Sadhana quote

The Morning Sadhana.

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Sadhana-meaning daily spiritual practice, 2.5 hrs. Before sunrise 🌅Any practice of self correction that provides the mind and body with a disciplined channel to express the infinite within one’s self. It resets your cycles, patterns. You notice all the negative habits that lead you away from a higher consciousness and to eliminate the desires underlying those habits one by one.

The guidelines:
Clean area, no interruptions, purifying yourself with water before, all white clothing and head covering to seal and protect your energy, at predawn, this was 2.5 hours of practice, sped up to 30 seconds. It was very intense holding the poses using intense breathing and root locking techniques, releasing the energy that needs to be let go of.

For the Aquarian Age:
Adi mantra 3x
Warm up Kriya-45 min.
Deep Rest- 5 min.
Wake up series
The morning sadhana meditation- 1 hour
Rest- 30 min.
Wake up series
Aardas-Offering Prayer
Sat Nam

Each mantra and prayer have a beautiful meaning. This was an intense practice, I have so much respect for. We have to practice a sadhana every day for 40 days now. 🙏❤️

The feelings of protection from the mantras, the awareness, and vibration of the truth, call to you. Truth, enlightenment, consciousness and above all awareness, comes to your experience, gaining clarity and guidance. It was a beautiful enlightening weekend. Beautiful soul sisters.

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