Root Chakra Kriya


This picture above is from traditional text. Best used for practice. If you need a video that’s great quality look below.

This is the website video I used it’s helpful to understand the full meaning:

#rootchakra #kriya #kundalini

My IG video is @Leefitlife

Are you ready to balance your root chakra? This practice was created to ground the body and clears issues and ailments that exist below the navel point.

These exercises can be lengthened for advanced practitioners and shortened for beginners, with the shortest time of 1 min.

Advanced practitioners:
1st exercise: 4 min and 45 sec
2nd exercise: 1 1/2 min
3rd exercise: 2 min
4th exercise: 2 min
5th exercise: 5 min
6th exercise: 4 1/2 min
Sit and meditate at the third eye: 2 min

Practicing #kundaliniyoga everyday for 40 days. When I forget a day I have to start over. 2 days in, forgot my 3rd day. Starting over again today. Any way to get it in. I really loved this root chakra sequence. Very rooting and releasing anger easily. I loved when Alex would come to me during the chanting, and if I was moving fast, he thought it was a game lol 😂 If you have any questions let me know. I’ve been thinking about doing a live video practice, message if your interested.
Music: #Milky Chance & Tash Sultana – Daydreaming
#lomotif created with @lomotif #timelapse #kidsyoga #mindfulness #meditation #chanting

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