You Don’t Have to be Whole, in Order to Shine

72545308_2448712358581227_4734047012465410048_nThis quote hit me hard today. Today was one of those days. Full of emotions. Full of love in my yoga flows and crying. Every day is not a rainbow of color and that’s ok.

Mental health day was recently, and should be a whole month! A lot of people deal with hidden pain. Break that cycle and be vulnerable. Share with a friend, a family member, a counselor, what you’re going through to let go. I have a lot to say on mental health, and I’ll start slow on the vulnerability.

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the positive when so many negative things hit you at once, or even just 1 negative thing, maybe even something you made up in your head.

Try to focus on the positive, out of every negative force that hits you. This is all temporary. Don’t let the negativity win. You are more powerful than that. Every word I write, is mostly for myself. I need to see it, hear it, and believe it. I say it in my yoga classes and to my friends. This is why I say to you, in case this message speaks to you.

Whenever someone is going through something rough, which we all are, all the time…the person right next to you, I say “Karma is real, equality is real more in a universal sense…because some people chose a human existence, over their spiritual existence…anyways out of equal pain and suffering, is equal joy and happiness and may be even greater on the other side.”

Whatever pain you’re going through is temporary.

Focus on you first and see what thought patterns can change, what emotion patterns can change, what actions change.

Negativity attracts negativity. Break the cycle with YOU! Turn the other cheek. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to the pain, so that you can be open to the joy that’s coming. Don’t block the pain, don’t resist, only more will come.

Re-open your heart to the possibilities this life has. You are a LIGHT ALWAYS! No matter how dim you think your light is. You know that power is deep inside you, and you can shine anytime you want.

Just be you. Love ❤️

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