Book Giveaway!!


I have a special founding members giveaway!! To all the founding members of the #traumahealing Facebook group you get a free copy of my #chakrahealing book!! Congratulations in trusting your instincts, your intuition, your heart, searching for healing as we all need it. Thank you for being open, honest with yourself most importantly, and just being the awesome person that you are. Keep shining your light everyone, let your heart guide you, making intuitive decisions, finding your highest level of happiness.

Look out for the next giveaway soon again!!

About the group: This is a safe and sacred place for all of us going through trauma healing. I know that this may be hard for some people. But this is about being vulnerable and spreading awareness. Being vulnerable and open to your own emotions as you grow out of the old feelings and process in the present. We are all affected by trauma growing up. Trauma is a fact of life, NOT a life sentence. In this group I will share different tools to help heal from past and current trauma experiences, raising awareness about trauma, building a loving and healthy support system, and implementing those tools in our daily life, to help us love our experiences throughout life. The type of tools that I will share with you are restorative and advanced yoga sequences, meditation and breathing techniques, and resetting mindsets through soul searching. Enjoy and always share the love. Love always wins.

Go to my business Facebook profile page at, and add yourself to the Trauma Healing group! Be open to all the amazing possibilities you have.

Look out for the next giveaway soon again!!

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