Chakra Healing Book!


The time has come. Here is my Chakra Healing book! I would like to share the tools I have learned, expressed through art and knowledge, to empower you to live your most fulfilling life possible, find true happiness and love within yourself, and believe and trust in the journey this life offers us.
I have held on to this for a while now. I have made the last final editions to this copy. I think that it will be a never ending journey though! I am always finding new ways to open up the chakras. Come try a yoga class, if you haven’t already! I am blessed for my family and friends, thank you for always helping me and believing in me! Blessings 🙏❤️
Available for purchase now! $40!
Available with PayPal, cash app, or zelle.
Message me for your copy today! ❤️
This book includes:
70+ pages with beautiful artwork and knowledge information that will help give you the power to clear your chakras.
Information on anatomy, meridian lines, glands, energy points throughout the body, mantras, mudras, affirmations, quick look back 1 page chart, relating to; crystals, oils, foods, elements, under/over/balanced chakra examples and more!! Thank you again for all the love and support. ❤️🙏

Chakra Healing Book Sneak Peak Video!

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