Send out more Metta


Send out more metta waves 🌊 ❤️
What is metta?💜
Loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, the good will.
Spread love to EVERYONE.
We are all a collective soul.
All one.🌈
Treat each other with love and spread the circle and cycle of it more. ❤️
Sanskrit: मैत्री (Maitrī)
Pali: मेत्ता (Mettā)
English: Loving-kindness, benevolence
Chinese: 慈; (Pinyin: Cí)
Thai: เมตตา; (RTGS: metta)
Japanese: 慈; (rōmaji: Ji)
Burmese: မတ်ေတာ (Mettā)
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