You are already Perfect!

Going to art school was my first instinct. During school, realizing how much debt I was in, I second guessed going. Now, later in life, even though still paying off college loans, I can appreciate all the tools, wisdom, and perspective art school gave me.

This painting by Jean Michael Basquiat focused on the dichotomies of wrath versus poverty, integration verses segregation, and in vet versus outer experiences. He used his tools that he had to express what he was feeling and seeing and sending a message to the world. In the movement of neo-expressionism! I love how he expresses his feelings through art, and used it as a tool to feel free. Express those feelings!

A little about him so you can understand this perspective:
He was from Puerto Rican descent and born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After the death of his older brother, he was the second of 4 children.
He was so smart. Learned to read and write at the age 4. His mother was his greatest influence on art, taking him to museums and encouraged his talent. He learned his artistic abilities growing up and at age 11, and he could speak French, Spanish, and English fluently. When he was 13, his mother was committed in and out of mental institutions. Basquiat ran away at age 15, and slept on park benches. He dropped out of high school at 17 and went to an alternative school where he met most of his artistic friends. His father banished him from his home at that time.

Basquiat’s transition from being homeless and unemployed to becoming a prosperous artist took place in a short space of time. By 1980, he would be selling a single painting for up to $25,000!
He met Andy Warhol, was on talk shows and tv shows, made a rap single, was a huge influence in hip hop and the fashion industry.

Over time, through the fame, he was still going through emotional issues, using heroin frequently. At the young age of 27 Basquiat died of a heroin overdose on August 12, 1998.

I write all this tell you, that the most influential people of our time are not perfect. We are not perfect. So stop trying to be perfect. Have a different perspective: we are all already perfect in every single way. Sometimes we can ignore the emotions that we have, we shove them deep down to our roots and wonder why our roots, our foundations, family and home life are a mess. It’s because we chose sometimes to not deal with emotions that bother us. I’m telling you today and tomorrow and everyday, that you’re supposed to feel everything!!! There’s nothing you can do to suppress the feelings forever. They will come up at some point. Give yourself the freedom to allow yourself to feel and heal through that. Sit with it for as long as you need. There is someone always there for you. I am here for you if you feel like no one else on this earth cares. I care. Let yourself be free. Feel everything. Love yourself.

1st image- Riding with Death
2nd-Boy and Dog in a johnnypump
3rd- Riddle me this Batman
4th- All Colored Cast

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