10 years

This 10 year change. Is all in my heart. You can’t see anything with just a smile. Depression, anxiety, breakups, breakdowns, having 3 children, uprooting my life, grounding my life, starting new careers….it’s a reflection for just me….and yoga keeps you looking young! This was at my cousins @morgancfeinstein wedding in 2012, can’t find another picture that far back. 2009 I was just out of treatment and into college and finding myself. Aren’t we always finding ourselves. Life is a constant change. Blessings to you all who have made it to this year, for those who didn’t think they would make it, you’re here. Count your blessings, this is the time for being thankful. We should always be thankful everyday for this life we live and their air we breathe. Give your family and friends long hugs today! #2009vs2019

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