repost @the.holistic.psychologist she explains so well. ❤️🙏
This is reparenting in action.
Most of us speak to ourselves in ways that are dismissive, abrupt, and unkind.
We reject our experiences and emotions. We invalidated them. We deny our own reality.
This is the internalized voice of our parents. We go on to do this to ourselves our entire adult life.
Inner child work is about speaking in a way with the awareness that within you is a child part of self.
I practiced this a ton the past week. As I released my new healing platform, I felt consistently scared + overwhelmed.
Before this work I would have belittled myself. Or ignored myself all together. I’d trudge through and invalidate how scary it was for me.
But through the work, I saw myself. I very validated everything. When I couldn’t sleep near launch and I had doomsday thoughts I’d just say “It’s ok Nicole. You’re just doing something new. It’s scary because it’s unfamiliar. And it’s ok that you can’t sleep. You’ll catch up tomorrow. You put your all into it and I’m proud of you.” Warning: this will feel awkward. But with practice it will transform your life. You’ll also get messages and clear signals from your inner child as you do this work.
Trust this process.
Connecting with the inner child is a core part of self awareness and emotional regulation.
Inner child work heals. Do you speak to your inner child? #selfhealers
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