25daysofbuti Vrksanasa Day2

25daysofbuti #yogachallenge πŸ’— #treepose
Day2 #Vrksanasa – What helps you feel grounded? Your challenge today is to choose a Vrksasana variation out in nature. Pick a tree, pick a rock – but get outside and show us your Tree pose. – @rise.lorelei.rise πŸ’—
What makes me feel grounded is my daily routines; kids school schedule, my lemon πŸ‹ water and honey, and my time to meditate and yoga flow. Meditating has been the most helpful grounding tool I have ever used. Getting used to the feeling of staying put into the ground and visualizing roots beneath me helps a lot. The day has been so busy, that the time I have left is my sacred space of my room, tonight I’m choosing to stay in, tomorrow I will go enjoy nature 🌿for my #yogaflow
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