#25daysofbuti #day10

This journey of life is a wild one. I love where I’m going, and where I’ve been. Have no regrets. ❤️🙏 Day 10: Natarajasana – We all have that one dress. It’s the one we make up excuses to wear or imagine ourselves dancing around in it. Today is your official excuse to grab the dress and show us your Dancer Pose. – @buti_savage I’m going to have to post in a dress later, been so busy last couple of days!
25daysofbuti SPONSORS:@butiyoga @movenkd @goldenrationutrition @stayalfred @simplejaneco @beadchicboutique @thesoulfulfairy HOSTS: @swhite.movement @antonyoga11 @buti_savage @nanimoves @rise.lorelei.rose
butiyoga #dancerpose

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