#25daysofbuti #day7

25daysofbuti #halfmoon
Day 7: Ardha Chandrasana – What makes you feel confident? – @rise.lorelei.rise
My truth is what makes me feel confident. I made an oath to never lie to myself anymore. To those negative self talking moments, you’re no longer welcome. To self doubt, no longer welcome. To limiting myself and my beliefs, no longer welcome. This wall was the most stunning last night, in all the movement, find some balance in nature. 💚 .
📸 my girl @sydneyynoellee
HOSTS: @swhite.movement @antonyoga11 @buti_savage @nanimoves @rise.lorelei.rose⠀
SPONSORS: @butiyoga @movenkd @goldenrationutrition @stayalfred @simplejaneco @beadchicboutique @thesoulfulfairy

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