#25daysofbuti #day9

💕All I can see is lift that back leg up higher. I need to see past the pose. See past the negative self talk. Notice my day. It was very busy. Kids school, grocery shopping, computer work, toddler life!, nap time, computer work, kids school, teaching, made dinner, kids bed, this yoga pose, and then bath!!!!! Some days are busier than this. I’m lucky and grateful for the resting moments I do have. 💕
💕Day 9: Alanasana – What is the most important part of your daily routine + WHY? @nanimoves
💕MEDITATION is the most important part of my daily routine. I wake up 1 hour, 30 min, or even 10 minutes before the children, set my incense and crystals up and meditate until they wake up. One usually walks in and joins me for a little bit. This helps me set my tone for the day. I get to have my peace and quiet, because I don’t know when else I’ll get it during the day. It helps me be more grounded and stable in my emotions, actions, and thoughts. 💕 💕SPONSORS:@butiyoga @movenkd @goldenrationutrition @stayalfred @simplejaneco @beadchicboutique @thesoulfulfairy 💕 HOSTS: @swhite.movement @antonyoga11 @buti_savage @nanimoves @rise.lorelei.rose 💕
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