#25daysofbuti #day22

Day22 #Padangusthasana (Toestand variation of choice)- Do you believe in finding balance in life? What does balance mean to you?- @buti_savage
Balance is something that changes everyday in my perspective. Every day is different; with kids, without them, long or short work days, how your relationships with your partner and/or your friends and family are, so many different situations can happen to us at any moment in this life. Readjusting my attention and intentions to areas in my life that need more or less, depending on the present moment, always keeping the same goals and integrity behind every action, every action out of love, leading from the heart in all situations. Blessings 💕❤️🙏 SPONSORS:@butiyoga @movenkd @goldenrationutrition @stayalfred @simplejaneco @beadchicboutique @thesoulfulfairy and FOLLOW YOUR HOSTS: @swhite.movement @antonyoga11 @buti_savage @nanimoves @rise.lorelei.rose

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