Grounding Mala

Swipe ➡️ for the #time lapse This lovely Grounding and high vibrating mala is made with obsidian as the main small mala beads, goldstone as a few accent pieces, lava stone beads for essential oils and separation, and the main pendent is a Smokey Quartz, classic 108 beads. 🖤Obsidian: strong psychic protection and grounding, shields you against negativity, stimulates the gift of prophecy, powerful cleanser of psychic smog around your aura.
💙Blue Goldstone: the stone of ambition, helps you achieve goals with determination and persistence, helps you stay calm in volatile situations, removes negative energies and attracts positive’s, reduce stomach tension and arthritic conditions, helpful to bones, joints, and circulation.
🖤Smoky Quartz: Grounding and Purification, clearing aura of negative energy, calming anxiety, getting life in order, enhances practicality and organization, takes negative energy and grounds it into the earth and purifies it, brings dreams to physical reality.
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