Hydration Mala

Swipe ➡️ for the #timelapse Another gorgeous #mala for my dear friend @thecrystalyogi for being so magical, helpful, and loving!! .
Classic 108 beads. The hydration mala. Beads from @crystalyogastudio
Made with:
💚Chrysocolla- (Throat Chakra, expressing feelings, releases grief and sadness)
💚Chrysoprase- (new love, abundance, prosperity, heal heart of anxiety and depression, hydration)
💚Jade- (assists bodily filtration of organs, self acceptance, good luck, nourishing)
🤍Moonstone- (balances digestive system, enhances patience, activates third eye chakra, restores mental balance)
💜Amethyst- (stimulates third eye and crown chakra, overcome addictions, calming, strengthens psychic abilities)
💙Aquamarine – (release of anger, relieves stress, encourages, serenity)
❤️Ruby Zoisite – (strengthens immune system, releases deep rooted fears, encourages creativity, helps you see that life is a gift)
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