One Positive Action

Can’t wait to see all your pics and videos! The commitment yoga feat event was OMazing!!!! We had so much fun! Flow, Sol, Root, Surrender, and Be! We did everything; talked about chakras, inversions and arm balances, breathing techniques, and playing with yoga props! Have a blessed day everyone. What is one positive action you will do in the new year!? Comment below! .
Loved teaching by your side Judy, @kakarinadarling , @lifted_vibe @kellymusic_art_body @gafitchick .
We have some amazing workshops and pop ups this month! Check the schedule! 2 Family yogas this month, member appreciation, chakras workshop, and a new format called Evolution I’ve designed for you all! Can’t wait to have an amazing new year!
@lifepower_yoga_baybrook .
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