Self Love

Everything in life, everything we have, every action we take, all of our integrity, the respect and honesty to our self, all comes from self-love.
How do you treat yourself? How do you love yourself? How are you loving yourself right now? How could you be loving yourselves more? What could you do in your life that could allow you to love yourself more?
Start to answer some of these questions to yourself. Start to find pockets of time where are you can give yourself a hug, time to cry, time to be alone, time to process feelings, time for physical movement practice, maybe a non-moving meditation practice, taking a nice long bath or shower, treating yourself to your favorite foods, find yourself nestled in bed with a good book, find what feels good to your heart, and hold on dear to that.
Then learn to let go of attachments, learn to let go of what makes you comfortable, and start to find uncomfortable situations as you breathe through them finding comfortability. Maybe reading a book is not comfortable, but you need more knowledge and find some time to where you normally wouldn’t do something for yourself, and do something good for yourself.
As I have wasted my time not caring for myself, and putting energy into something that was not healing for myself, I chose a path to heal myself, to help heal others. Lately, I have realized that this path as a healer, as an empath, as a healer, as a friend, as someone to confide in, it’s not an easy path, it’s hard to be the person that everyone wants to talk to sometimes, but I have learned that listening and communicating and making friendships makes everything in this world go in a beautiful circle. Being honest with myself has been the hardest gift of self love that I can give myself. I challenge you to take time for Meditation tonight and to find your self honest with your emotions, be honest with how you’re feeling, and know that it is OK to be honest and feel all of those feelings that you are feeling.
Whatever lies you’ve been telling yourself, whatever hate or negative thoughts are circling in your head, start to push them out and away process them and breathe in new light and new love into your heart.
Let the circle of life take its place with your energy involved with love. Keep the cycle of love flowing through you to share. Most importantly loving yourself first, so you know how to love others, so you can show how, so you can share your love. Take time with you. You are you always. Find the truth inside your powerful self.

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