4 The Reflection

4 The reflection

The Experience. The Healing. After the Healing. The Cleansing. The Reflection.

As I write these out of order, cause I felt them come out of order to me…as life often is out of order and even our thoughts in our heads…..


The suffering in the moment stops the second you say it does. Stop letting someone else or something hurt you emotionally, physically, spiritually, or energetically in every way you could ever think of or dream of. Most of all we do this to ourselves. We make ourselves suffer. Who is ashamed of feeling ashamed about a a feeling!? How are you not yourself in this!? Be free and vulnerable with your own feelings. Let them flow. Talk out loud to yourself as you cry and let out the emotions. Journal. The suffering ends when we want it to end. Remember you are in control of your feelings. Whatever is holding you back from feeling happiness. Notice what that is and start to make changes….

What could you let go of?

 As you let go of an attachment that has been holding you down and tearing you up inside for who knows how long…

Your body will make you rest if you do not give it rest….

You may be able to handle stress, whatever life throws at you emotionally, spiritually, and energetically but don’t forget to connect your intellectual with your physical. You can’t lose sight of what is rooting you down to this existence. 

Let’s talk about Fear and what it holds inside our body!

Fear is the ultimate destroyer. Whatever emotions that you have it releases chemicals into your body whether it’s good for you or bad for you. It will build you up or tear you down.

Your meditation and your stillness is just as important as your movement of your expression. You have to balance the two and once you are out of balance, everything is out of balance, in your body, in your life, in the universe.

To wake up to the sunrise,  from darkness to light, seeing light opening you up, and healing you, protecting you, and showing you that there’s another day. 

When you walk through your room and you feel everything negative has left, every evil has been banished, every sickness, every bit of suffering, all of the fear is completely eradicated.

More tears of gratitude.

As much as we are spiritual and energetic beings as much as we want to achieve our higher self, we can easily lose so much of our roots. 

What grounds you to this earth?

The Mother Earth that gives you every herb, every fruit, every vegetable to live the fruits of life, that you long to live for.

Look out for the next part.

The Experience. The Healing. After the Healing. The Cleansing.

Blessings, love, and light,


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