Women Rise Up

Which is your favourite ?
• water 💧 • air 💨 • earth 🌱 • fire 🔥 •
As women we are healers, warriors, gatherers, peacemakers… we have to be strong, but gentle, firm and subtle, calming and energizing, homemakers and moneymakers. We do a lot as a woman, we can take on many roles to help our children, our family, our loved ones, our business, our community. Who takes care of us? As a tribe of women, we take care of each other. We connect, we thrive, and uplift our fellow divine feminine. What are you doing to help support your boss babes in your life!? Remember you are the strongest warrior, you can heal, you can help heal others, and you can recognize those who need help in the process. Don’t sit and wait for someone to come to ask for help. Reach out for those in need and help. Support your divine femininity rise with your community. Don’t forget you’re a boss babe and you are the most powerful spiritual goddess there is. As we are each unique we are so similar in the way of the karmic circle connects us all. Planning a divine feminine womb healing circle to connect our tribe and listen to those who have overcome their worst nightmares and have blossomed into the most beautiful creatures to help others. It is our duty to spread love, help our community, and uplift those suffering. Collectively healing one another. I can’t wait until this quarantine is over to truly connect with touch, tears, and pure experience in person with you all. Sending love and joy! Reach out to someone who needs more love today.

repost art by @t.radz

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