Don’t Minimize

When you go through so much trauma in your life, you may become numb to more trauma that happens to you later in life. It may be a different form of trauma. Trauma is trauma. Don’t minimize what you went through, what you’re going through, and what you may go through in the future. What you feel is valid and true. Realize what happened through your past trauma and see the correlation to the current trauma. Ask yourself questions if your minimizing or numbing yourself to ignore the trauma. To heal through trauma, talk through it, move through it, mediate through it, find healthy alternatives to process through your trauma daily. We experience trauma and process it all differently. 
#loveyourself #leefitlife #traumahealing #selflove #trauma #yoga #meditate #holistichealing #dontminimize #dontnumb #feel #movementismedicine

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