Everything Good Takes Time

Give yourself the time to heal from the death of mourning a relationship. It’s ok to feel all of those feelings. When you’ve been with someone for so long, that’s the only life you’ve ever known and gotten used to. It’s time for change now, it’s time to be strong in yourself, it’s time to grow. When you outgrow a person, don’t feel guilty. You may have tried everything you could to help them with their spiritual and emotional journey, and there’s still nothing more you can do. People will only change if they want to change and grow. When they’re ready they will blossom. Everyone is in their own time frame of growing and finding their true spiritual path, let others be in their timeline and appreciate theirs and your own. It’s time to grow, blossom, birth into something greater! See the exciting flip side of the journey.

#lovethejourney #selflove #leefitlife #traumahealing #lovealwayswins #healing #selfhealing #holistichealing #yoga #meditation #movementismedicine  

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