Harness Your Inner Power!

Find and harness your inner power! 🌈❤️
We have some amazing #selfhealing #wombhealing crystals for you at the studio @crystalyogastudio #certifiedcrystals #safetouse inside you! Are you practicing #selflove on all levels!? Sexually, physically, emotionally, spiritually! Connect everything all together to feel more balanced everyday. Love you  @chakrubs and everything you guys create and stand for! #spreadthelove 
How do crystals *work*?

Crystals have perfect molecular structure and are considered the most stable matter in the universe. Because of this they are able to provide a consistent vibration of their frequency. This is why they major components of crystal are used in our technology.

When you share a space with a crystal, your frequency is working to match that of the crystal. As humans, our energy varies depending on how much stress we’re under, what we’ve eaten, how much sleep we’ve had, etc., while crystals remain the same.

Other factors that are involved in why crystals *work* include:
•color therapy 
•subconscious understanding of symbolism (which goes along with color, the crystal configuration, shape of the stone, etc.)
•collective awareness and acceptance based on historical and ancient uses of stones

I go much more in depth into all of these elements in my book “Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure” available at Chakrubs.com

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Photo by @cuccia.co
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