Is Homeschooling for You!?

Hey all of my best friends, for whoever is homeschooling right now this information is for you!

I have three children at home, who I have canceled work during the day to stay at home with my children and teach them, doing something for me and my family that works the best for me and my lifestyle, if this is also you, this post is for you!

I went to school for education, I have my degree in teaching children up to sixth grade, I taught at Memorial Elementary, the visually impaired class, I also taught at a Chinese school teaching children from first grade through high school, I have also done private tutoring and English as a second language, SAT prep, and more honing in education skills. 

I have lots of friends in the education industry who are torn from what is happening to our schools and our children and what is changing for all of us during this Covid situation. I also have a lot of friends who are homeschooling right now and who do not know what to do for their children. Some people are just figuring it out as they go, I would like to design something for all of my best friends and their children where we can come together and learn and create a community for ourselves to keep our sanity afloat and our children afloat and not just afloat but thriving in school, and in skills and honing in our children’s specific gifts!  

I have many talented friends who are amazing with children, I know martial arts instructors, education teachers, English teachers, Spanish teachers, Portuguese teachers, Chinese teachers, yoga instructors, meditation masters, boxing/kickboxing teachers, Crystal therapy, aerialists, Gymnastic coaches, fitness coaches, nutritionists, vegan and plant-based nutritionists, dancers, singers, artists, painters, media art form, drawing artists, photographers, film, scientists….

I am sure all of the people who are homeschooling their kids right now also know a lot of people who are great at their craft and who are great at their skills… we can all come together to support each other.

As a single mom it is definitely hard to afford private tutors, and I figured all of my homeschool moms want the same for their children….


Would you all like to chip in to have a private instructor come out every single day to teach your children what you want!? 


I would like to offer my instructors/friends/acquaintances whoever I know who can help hone our children’s gifts…$75/hour. The more children we have involved and families it will be easier to accommodate us, the teacher, and our children. 

I know how to create lesson plans, syllabuses and help create a system for your children that can help you, if you need help please reach out to me I have other friends who are also homeschooling, we are doing this all together as a community, let’s keep the community thriving, separating us and isolating us is not helpful, is what I believe, if this is you, please reach out to me!!!! I love you all!!!! 

Kids of all ages are welcome, just so you guys know I have a 2 1/2-year-old, 6 year old and a 7 year old, my 7 year old is turning 8 in the next month! Anyone who is trying to teach a toddler at the same time trying to teach their other children, I understand your pain, we can come together and help each other out!

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