Self-Kindness Affirmations

Self love is important 💕 find time for yourself.

C H E E R L E A D E R ⁠


We ALL have negative intrusive thoughts from time to time, about ourselves, about the world, about our future ⛔. It’s part of the way we evolved to keep ourselves safe. However, when we hold onto those negative thoughts as facts,and don’t brush them off as just intrusive thoughts, they grow, and you know what grows with them? low mood, anxiety, depression. ⁠

Now think about some of the goals you have for yourself🏅. Does a bad mood take you towards your goals or away from them,? do negative comments about yourself take you towards your goals or away from them? the answer is…AWAY⁠

BUT the good news is, it works the opposite way as well. If you became your own cheerleader, spoke encouragingly and loveingly to yourself, stood your ground, challenged those negative thoughts, or even just ignored them (because you know they aren’t true) they would get quieter and quieter. Just like your regular playground bully. ⁠

Now think about all you could achieve if you had your own cheerleader in your brain instead of your own bully 🔮 . How happy would you be? How motivated would you be? What goals would you meet? how successful would you be? which dreams would you go for?⁠

You might not believe the cheerleader at first, and it might feel weird to think positively about yourself, but let me tell you, DON’T GIVE UP because when you start to see the positive impact the cheerleader has on everything you do, you’ll begin to trust it. ⁠

You’ve probabaly had alot of losses in life that the bully likes to feed off of but its 2020 and we don’t entertain bullies anymore. So recruit your cheerleader, give them the floor, and start collecting some wins.  You’ve got this 🏆🏆🏆🤗⁠

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