Your Feelings are Valid and True

It’s ok to feel what you’re feeling. 
It’s ok to feel.
You’re feelings are valid and true.
Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel. Everyone has a perception of how you’re feeling, that’s their own perception. Be honest with yourself. Just give yourself time to feel. We are often so busy that we don’t give ourselves enough time to process and analyze feelings and search through friends, family, and others to help validate, come to a conclusion, or change our perception of our feelings because we may be afraid to actually sit in our feelings and find honesty through them. Be vulnerable to yourself to feel all of those feelings and come to your own conclusion and process of your own divine truth. Your feelings are real, they are true to you, be honest with yourself. Take time to mediate today for yourself, you may not come to an end of processing emotions and that’s ok. Just take time to feel and just be you. ❤️ with love, Lee 
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