You are Worthy

I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum, from being anorexic and belimic in middle school and high school…to binge eating trash food and not taking care of my body in all ways…to over tracking my workouts, calories, food diaries, to obsession…I have found a balance, and every day is a struggle to make that balance, every day gets easier and easier. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways for the better. Yoga has helped me love myself in a way I never saw myself. Just to be me, just to be free, just to love who I am. Believe in loving yourself ❤️ you are worthy. Repeat after me, “I am worthy, I am loved, I am love, I am” over and over again. If you’re struggling and need someone, you’re not alone..turn to your friends, family, your support system, and me if you need it❤️ sending you all love.

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When you start your Saturday wake up and look at this photo.
I mean -really- look at it.
What do you see?

Two women. Two battles.

Two hearts. Two souls. Two bodies.

When you look at this photo, try not to judge.

Instead, try to understand that we all face our own battles every day.
Some we might share with others, some we keep to ourselves.
They might be obvious. They might not be.

Everyone is facing something they struggle with.

And no matter what separates your battles from hers, his battles from theirs, we’re ALL human.
-Teresa Greig

May all beings be free from suffering and truly seek the proper guidance needed to truly win their own battles from within.
We are a phone call/text away. We will be patient with you, kind to you, and take the proper steps to help you break free from suffering. 🙏
Here with Trap Pilates we accept all … no matter your struggle… we are all in this together and will work together one class at a time!!
Thanks @themasterbodyarchitect for the morning vitamin

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