Personal Growth

Whatever you are experiencing at this moment, is exactly what you need for your personal growth.
For the past month I have been detoxing…I have had several breakdowns and my anxiety has risen.
What does this mean?
I have cut out:
Toxic Energy
Processed Foods
Every season I detox body to reset and cleanse what I have put inside it. On a multitude of levels it helps my body physically get to a cleaner state of being, my energy is raised, my thoughts are more clear, my divine path is better focused and aligned.
What have I noticed?
I have noticed that just being vegan is not enough to make a change in me. I still take advantage of my energy in ways I didn’t think I was. I can see so much more clearly now my path that I am meant to be on.
When everything in my life has hit me at once, I still make it a point to stick to my detoxes. Life never gives you breaks. Example: I divorced, moved, half my stuff was trashed, lost the love and life I had before, my car was taken, broke my foot and my ankle, and changed my career in a 3 month period. Example to now: gained full custody of my children, Covid hit it changed my career, I started homeschooling, I was blessed with a new love in my love, and my path is changing to the way I saw when I first started yoga. I didn’t know it would change this fast.
We never know what challenges God is going to face us with, but we have to adapt and change with it to the best of our ability, to continue to love ourselves and give our family and loved ones what they need as well. It’s never easy, but how do you react when change happens? Do you scream? Do you cry? Do you give up?
I challenge you to take a deep breath and acknowledge the change inside yourself and love every change that is happening around you today. It may not be what you had in mind, but it is for your personal growth. I am sending love out to those who do not understand why God has chosen this path for you. TRUST IN THE PROCESS. #selflove #selfcare #traumahealing #trustyourself #divinepath #yogateacher #yogaiseverywhere #justbreathe

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