Light Gifts

Remember, remember, remember, you are a bright white light! There is no darkness that can overcome you! If you let and allow darkness to enter your body, to enter your energetic field, to enter into your words, the only thing that can cast out that darkness is light!


Make sure that you are focusing on the bright light that you are! You are a powerful being that can connect With your spiritual self and tap in to the true magical powers that you have! We all have special gifts to show the world, to show our friends and family, to share and show our gifts, to be vulnerable, to allow others to show and shine their gifts! You have powerful gifts that you need to show the world, do not let the darkness overcome your gifts!


If you need help unlocking those special gifts to help show and shine your full potential to the world, to this universe, to the future, to your ancestors, to the spiritual plane, to your prodigies, message me if you’re ready to start your journey into your true power of light!


What is a shamanic gift that you once had and is now lost? Have you ever had the power of any of these shamanic gifts?


The 9 Shamanic Gifts:
1. Clairvoyance “clear seeing”
2. Clairaudience “clear hearing”
3. Clairsentience “clear sensing”
4. Clairsentinence “clear feeling”
5. Claircognizance “clear knowing”
6. Automatic Writing (Psychography)
7. Xenoglossia (Speaking in Tongue) 
8. Irradiation (physical movements by spirit/unknown)
9. Incorporation “embodiment” 


Do you have multiple gifts?!


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