Kindness to your Heart

You are worthy. Believe it.
Right now take your palms to your heart and say “I am sending more love to myself right now.”
Sending you all love.
Don’t forget in the background behind all posts of anyone, real life is happening…why do I say send more love? As someone yells at me I think, this person needs more love, why are they yelling at me? Is it something to do with me? Or is it their own traumas coming out and triggering them and taking out their anger onto me?
How do we release trauma? It can take a long time, that’s ok. We need to recognize first what happened and see what is triggering us. If someone is yelling at you, take a breath and realize you don’t have to react in the same way they are. Which might anger them more that they’re not getting the same reaction or the reaction they wanted out of you. It’s ok. You have the power in how you react.
You can not lower your vibration for another person. It will not work. You’re high vibration will attract higher vibrations. A lower vibrations has to come up to meet and match the higher vibration, the higher will not lower. If you feel yourself lowering your vibration, you might be in a toxic relationship, with this person or yourself. Notice what the people are saying surrounding you. Words are powerful, if gossip, negativity, and hurtful words are coming from a person, maybe that relationship needs some distance.
Just something to notice and recognize. Yoga is awareness. Find awareness in everything. Be aware of you and how you’re feeling. Send yourself more love so you can help others around you 💕💕💕💕

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