To Heal To Grow

To heal, to grow, to forgive, to love. May your full moon be full of everything you need and want. If it doesn’t feel all goody two shoes right now, that’s normal! Patterns are breaking and time is shifting. Adapt and change. Breathe…
Take time for yourself.
You deserve it.
As a mother/teacher/healer/lover…you still need time for you.
To heal from wounds that cut deep.
To heal from traumas that circle back.
To heal from patterns to break and set free from.
To recognize when someone is using and abusing you.
To set new intentions for the path to come.
You manifest what you create…careful in knowing all what that entails.
You’re cultivating your power in your life.
You’re sustaining a life that is more than what you dreamed of.
You’re picking yourself up when you’re drowning.
You are amazing.
How do you heal?
How do you take care of you!?
Message below!
Message to start your first consultation to manifest your dreams, tap into your true power, and release what is holding you back.

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