Treating Trauma Responses

Been all around town all week, teaching, it’s been a blessing. Thank you God, thank you Universe, and thank you me for listening to my intuition.
Take time for you. Don’t make excuses. Make the time for you. You’re worth it. If you need help finding ways to de-stress…I know first hand how life can be insane and very stressful with 3 young children, homeschooling, and earning a living I love to be present every day in. Healing through past traumas, recognizing what comes to surface and working through what is needed to process…Let me help guide you to find what works best for you in the situation you’re in. Private classes and online classes available. Message me for details.
Lovely message from @the.holistic.psychologist
We have far more impact on our own mental wellness than we’ve been told. Every day, we can make choices to create who we want to become.

Some ways to begin create mental wellness:

  • Place boundaries, honor your limits, say “no” to things that cause resentment
  • Keep one small promise to yourself every day
  • Practice meditation + deep belly breathing
  • Use: the future self journal (linked in bio)
  • Move your body every day in whatever way feels best for you
  • Connect with like minded people/create community
  • Address your gut health/mircobiome
  • Become aware of unresolved trauma + the behavior/patterns it’s created in your adult life
  • Honor the inner child: create, play, do something just for you
  • Practice ego work: become aware of your ego + the stories it creates around your life experience that keep you repeating your familiar past

Remember, the brain can change throughout life. New neural pathways can be created with consistent practice. Our genes are not fixed, they’re responding to the environment around us. The body/nervous system can heal.

How do you create mental wellness? #selfhealers

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