Take care of you.
It’s a constant reminder to myself.
I have lost myself in my ex husband, other men, in other relationships, in my children…
And it can be hard to find yourself again, your new evolved self…
If you sometimes you forget to eat, don’t eat healthy, or over eat, to shower, to exercise, to find your sacred space…your time on your mat, to reconnect…remind yourself for 1 minute, that you’re worth your alone time. You’re worth taking the extra care for you. That 1 minute turns into 5 minutes, longer, to 10, to an hour, to longer.
You have to make time for you. There’s no excuses other than what you make for yourself. Remember you’re the ruler of your life and everything you manifest and create. You have the power to react out of love. Always 💕 send love to someone today, hugs 🤗
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