Self love healing/energy healing/doing the work is a power contribution to collectively heal our community, our world, our ancestors, our legacies, our prodigies.

Take some time to see what triggers you. Notice when it happens. Go deep into healing yourself with intentional, unconditional love, understanding, and forgiveness for yourself.

When you do the work, you see results, you see fruition and manifestation of what you want. When we get comfortable in our ways with no growth or change, energy is stagnant and so is manifesting or creating what you want also stagnant.


Heal yourself to heal past lives traumas, ancestral healing, breaking the cycles of painful destructive patterns, to heal your loved ones and little ones, so they help heal theirs, and so forth, so the energy keeps flowing positively to help heal our community. When you do the work, actively living in our own authenticity, it inspires others to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings. Consciously and collectively heal. 😘✨😘

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Private’s and consultations available upon request. Sending love 💗 🧿

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