🧿I am protected
🧿I am safe
🧿This is my sacred space

Mantra: repeat 3-10x in meditation.
If you have a mala, repeat the mantra for each bead, until done.

Sending love and protection to those who need it most. Have an amazing Saturday night!
The symbol of the blue Greek eye is a symbol of protection. To ward off evil spirits and energy. This symbol Is over 3,000 years old and in almost every religion and country in the world. The classic dark blue amulet color represents – Karma and fate protection
– Calm and relaxation
– Open flow of communication
– All opening throat chakra
I still make the Kaci champagne jewelry line. In need to commemorate the life of this amazing being, who gave her light to me and so many others around her.
All purchases 15% goes to Kaci’s memorial fund. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
DM for inquiries.
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